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    I am a huge fan of Disney princesses and Iron Man and this crossover is pretty epic. I am a fan of Disney princesses because they remind me of my childhood. I am a fan of Iron Man because Robert Downey Jr is an amazing actor and I love his sarcasm.

    I am a huge fan of Disney princesses and Iron Man and this crossover is pretty epic. I am a fan of Disney princesses because they remind me of my childhood. I am a fan of Iron Man because Robert Downey Jr is an amazing actor and I love his sarcasm.

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    Spicytacos, 2012, “Love is War Commentary”, Fanfiction.net, 17 April, https://www.fanfiction.net/r/8376387/

    I’m going to go and have to reply to Batgirl69’s comment. I have heard a few complaints of people calling “Mary Sue” a sexist derogatory term and it, to me, is one of those cases that is making something out of nothing. “Mary Sue” is not a sexist term just because it involves women. The majority of fanfiction is written by women, the reasons are numerous and debatable. “Mary Sue” refers to a female main character whom everyone loves, kicks an unrealistic amount of ass, and resembles way too much of the author. In other words, it’s who the author wishes the world would see them as. At its core, there’s nothing wrong with it but when it comes down to basic plot and character requirements, it is a major sin. Does the gender matter in this case? Of course not. That is why the term “Gary Sue” also exists. Why it’s not heard of as often is simply the case of fewer male fanfiction writers. It is not the case of thinking it’s ridiculous that female characters can be so awesome; it’s the case of it being ridiculous that any gendered character can be so awesome. Your Harry Potter comment, how he is too perfect and everyone likes him, is actually not that bad of a point. To be honest, if you ask somebody who their favorite Harry Potter character is, chances are they won’t say Harry Potter. He is the most flawless character in the books (the most flawless character in the movies is Hermione starting at Prisoner of Azkaban) he gains depth and problems as the story progresses. He is on the verge of being a Gary Sue, I’ll give you that, but it is nothing compared to this Caroline character. What gives away this Mary Sue is the overly detailed description of her looks, the outright fact of everybody liking her, and the Weasley twins (the author’s favorite characters) being madly in love with her. This is not relatable to anyone (if it is relatable to anyone, I’d definitely like to meet that person). The audience cannot relate to somebody so flawless because they don’t know how it is to have everyone like them or to have many people’s favorite characters to be in love with them. Suddenly, there’s this distance between the audience and the main character that takes away from the literary power the author is trying to invoke. The funny thing about Mary Sue characters is that their personality seems to parallel with the author’s. In other words, the supporting characters change their opinions to like Mary Sue; the Mary Sue does not become somebody that everyone else would like. This garbage that can barely be defined as fanfiction stars an obnoxious, sarcastic, boy-crazy character that’s both immoral and not charming yet she is incredibly popular. Based on the author’s notes before and after each chapter, I can only assume that she and Caroline have about the same personalities. It’s evident that the author sees nothing potentially rude about the character because she is not good at self-evaluating. She does, however, include the fact that she donates to charity just so people can say “oh she must be a good person then!” The rest of her identity mirrors Harry Potter in obvious ways: she has special secret powers, Snape doesn’t like her, she’s an orphan, and she’s inexplicably good at Quidditch. This would be just as badly written if it came from a male author with a male main character. Sexism has nothing to do with it. Our society lives in such a progressive world that it’s taken out of hand sometimes. Offense is often received out of nowhere because we’re taught that society is so closed minded that chances are something prejudicial is always being said. I get jumped on all the time for apparently being sexist or racist when by all means I am not. Just because fanfiction is dominated by women, doesn’t mean anything criticizing it is sexist. It’s like somebody joking about congress being a bunch of liars and then someone else jumping on them saying, “Hey! That’s sexist, you female chauvinist!” just because that organization is male dominated. Ludicrous, right? Although many feminazis (not to be confused with feminists) believe that every problem in our world has to do with gender prejudice, it is in fact, not always the case. The term “Mary Sue” comes specifically from a woman creating an unrealistic character in Star Trek fanfiction. If a man were to start the trend, it would be the same outcome with a different name. Let us put this behind us and admit that no matter what gender this specific fanfiction came from, it’s a pile of steaming garbage that stars a Mary Sue. Personally, however, I believe this is a trolling author who simply wanted to rile you guys and girls up.

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    Thomas, Kaitlin. “Here’s the Real Reason Why the How I Met Your Mother Finale Failed.” TV.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Apr. 2014.

    I completely disagree with your idea that the season finale of the television series How I Met How Your Mother, was a disappointment. Ted and Robin ending up together to me was a great way for the creators of the he show to end the show. Cause as the fans found out at the end the story really wasn’t about the mother, shocker right? No! 90% of the show was about Ted and Robins relationship, and how Ted had to move on, and then once he did Robin realizing at her own wedding, he is the man she should be married to. Once Ted moves on why then do we get the part of the story, after Robin and Barney divorce, when Robin stops hanging out with the group, with one of the main reasons being, she has to watch the man she should be married to, live happily ever after having kids with the mother of the show. And that the blue French horn ending letting the fan know that years after the mothers death these two get back together, is not an “easy way out” as Kaitlin puts it. It is a great ending, the thing that originally got these two together, gets them back together in the end, letting the idea of true love finding itself, plays into a great ending for a series that had us all on ropes since 2005.  If you’re a so called “Mega fan” of the show, than you would see as I see, that the blue French horn is a great symbol of these two love for each other. It is crap you think you are a mega fan if you think that the two people the show mostly focuses on, and their love affairs, and struggles to be with one another, don’t end up together, are you kidding me! You should go back and re-watch the entire show, cause any fan could have told you they wanted, and thought Ted and Robin should end up together. While it does suck that the creators decided to kill the mother off after one short season, doesn’t mean that she wasn’t the girl Ted wouldn’t have spent his entire life with, if she hadn’t died. Ted fell in love with this girl, married her, and had two children with her. To me that is also true love. That Ted completely forgot about Robin during his time with the mother, show that is true love, if he loved Robin the whole time during his time with the mother, then he couldn’t have loved her as much as he did. So saying that you love more than one person in life is true, it is about the only true thing you say about the show. You say you would have liked the creators of the show to cover more of what happened in between2013 and 2030, who cares what happened, we know the mother died, Ted had two kids, Robin got divorced, Lily had another baby, and marshal became a supreme justice. Its not like the gang is going to have the same adventures they had when searching for their future lives. They aren’t 30 anymore, they are old, and have kids, and careers, who wants to hear those stories, they are old and boring, get over it! You must be a fan of old boring shows, maybe you should write a review of the show pointed only at fan audience over 50 and im pretty sure none of them would agree with you, people of all ages are fans of this show because of the playful, dramatic, heart touching stories these friends go through. I am not sorry saying that you are not a “Mega fan” you are just a fan if that, cause any fan is disappointed in the mother dying, but no one is disappointed Ted got with Robin. I think that if the creators had the idea that Ted and Robin were going to end up together they did one heck of a job over nine years not letting the fans know that wa their intention the whole time. And you are an idiot for thinking the final season just focusing on Robin and Barney’s wedding was all that it was about, and the show shouldn’t have focuse on a wedding for a marriage that only lasted three years. If you were a true fan you would have realized there was way more to that season then Ted meeting the mother, and the wedding. I don’t know maybe the season was about Robin realizing it was Ted she should be marrying, Ted meeting the mother, the lesson that you should love the time you have with the people important in you life, and the final time the gang knew they would all be together. Your review of the final episode of the show and how so disappointed you were about it and the job the writers did is complete B.S and I think it finished the show in a eye watering way that most fans were extremely happy with. 

  4. Season Finale of How I Met Your Mother: Good or Bad


    Thomas, Kaitlin. “ How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Review: Well, That          Happened”. TV.com. N.p. 1 April. 2014. Web. 17 April. 2014.


     From reading your entire article on the season finale of How I Met Your Mother and how you discuss the good and bad points in the eposide, I’m going to have to agree with you. All I can say was while I was watching the season finale, I was on some kind of mental roller coaster: happy, shock, confusion, angry, sadness, Repeat. With that sad, I agree on the point you make about how the entire episode could have been a whole season in itself (and I feel it SHOULD have been!). That is actually one the first thing I was talking about with my brother after we both finished crying (yes we love the show that MUCH!).

                I like how in the beginning you pointed out how shows change from their original plot or envisioned outcome like Breaking Bad and Veronica Mars. With all great shows, they throw out to the audiences’ random ideas, jokes, scenes, etc. in the beginning to test the waters and see how the viewers react to it and for HIMYM, it was the gang that interested them. Ted, Lily, Marshall, Robin and Barney is the group that made this show interesting and how they interacting with each other and others while they were all trying to find out who they were, who they wanted to be and more importantly who they loved. Through the ups and downs of making the wrong mistakes and the wrong people, the views grew close to the characters in the show and related in a sense that everyone (at least once in their lives) has felt heartbreak, loneliness, stupidity, hangovers, jealousy, revenge, trust issues, love and friendship, which is what this show touches on throughout the entire series through comedic acts. I agree that the show could have been a great short show in which it focuses on Ted meeting the Mother and showing their ups and downs until they finally live happily ever after but as the show has grown, it was never about the mother it was as you put it “The show was always about Ted’s life and the adventures he had in New York on the search to finding the Mother”.  The show wouldn’t have been as popular if the writers only focused on Ted with the Mother; it would be another chick flick (sorry don’t like using that term) that would only appeal to women. But with the gang growing into who they would be become and the views taking that ride with them, it made it so much more than Ted’s search for “the one”.

                Another point you make is in which you say that the writers had evolved their characters but had difficulty tying it back to the original ending (i.e. the previously tapped shot of Ted’s kids) and that was one of the reasons the ending wasn’t as good. I agree that the writers could have made the choice to throw out the original idea out the window and make an entirely different ending. I mean COME ON! SEVEN SEASONS AND TED’S STILL TELLING THE STORY?!?! What were there no bathroom breaks for what seven hours of him talking? Because it seems like it would have taken that long to tell the story in one setting. He couldn’t just stop and continue off where he was from another day and give the kids the liberty to change clothes so that the writers could choose to change the ending at the end of the series if they choose? Nope none of that clearly came to mind while they began this series. Which is kind of ridiculous, seeing that I spent a long part before this arguing that writers can choose to go in a different direction in their show if they choose and when it comes to HIMYM writers they decide to stick to the original ending despite their drifting plot and characters. That’s one of the things that will irritate me about the whole last episode (which I believe you will agree on as well) among other things.

                Oh Yes! The OTHER things that WENT WRONG. You mention later in your article how you can understand and digest the fact that Robin and Barney’s relationship only lasted three years until they decided to divorce secretly. I agree with that notion that you references from the show of how Robin and Barney were too similar. Robin was a closed person that didn’t allow anyone in (unless you had a jackhammer to tear down all the walls she put up) and Barney was the same way. The only difference was that Barney covered his secrets about himself through women, drinking and lies while Robin was a loner except for when she was with the gang and who didn’t have any women friends because she was so different from other women. So with the realization that Robin and Barney weren’t meant for each other after all WHY IN THE HELL DO YOU CENTER THE FINAL SEASON OF THEIR WEDDING WHEN THERE GOING TO GET DIVORCED 10 MIN AFTER THEY GET MARRIED IN THE SHOW!!! That’s the BIGGEST PART I will NEVER understand. I mean what was the whole point? I like how you say that the writers built the views emotions up, only to spit on them with this trade of an ending.

    Could this be tied into the overall meaning behind HIMYM that you mentioned that “your life doesn’t end simply because someone else’s does. You just keep on living knowing that what you had was special, even if it was brief.”?? I would like to think so. Because after reading you article and how you show the meaning behind the season finale vs. the entire show leading up to the end; they are two different things. Personally, given you idea of what the season finale was trying to show to their viewers, I would like to think Robin and Barney’s relationship was like Ted/ The Mothers relationship. I mean I did just mention Robing and Barney were very similar and the same goes for Ted and the Mother. The Mother was practically Ted’s dream girl and they had a lot in common. So for Robin and Barney I would like to think that the three years they shared together were special even though it were brief and didn’t end in one of them dying. They both knew it was over and I’m sure they still cared for each other. And in the end, only the two of them know the true depth of their love for each other. I thought the season final message was an important to show and I’m glad they did because even though the mother died and Barney/ Robin’s marriage didn’t last it shows that things don’t last forever, which they don’t. Too often enough fans are fed the happily ever crap that’s been fed to us for ages and for HIMYM to throw their fans a curve ball like that, it surprised a lot of us (I know I was).  It shows that things won’t last forever and to appreciate everything and everyone we meet along the way because we all won’t be here forever and we should all live on the edge and never regret what we did or what we said because it’s with those mistakes that made us who we are today. I like how your argument was biased and you didn’t give your arguments based on whether you felt Barney/ Robin or Ted/ Robin should have been together. Those are just some thoughts, opinions, examples and arguments I wanted to add in response to your article. I think you nailed this review on the head and I’m glad I came across it.



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    MLA: DRWolf001. “What Makes Good Fanfiction?” YouTube. YouTube, 28 Sept. 2013. Web. 18 Apr. 2014. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3sTpDfLe9g>.

    "Greetings!!!!! When talking about the topic of Fanfiction  and what makes a good Fanfiction piece of work I really enjoyed the info and agree with you 100% Defining Fanfiction as you said is, "fan written stories which create what-if type of scenarios based on a core cannon of storylines,” is a great way of looking at it. Also, when you stated a head cannon by itself cannot be considered a Fanfiction because, “it’s only an outline for a potential story.” This can go back to how we separate an original piece of work and Fanfiction. It’s difficult to answer for anyone because we all have different perspectives and standpoints. There’s very much debate IN THIS because we see all the time this happening. This can be from like 50 shades of Grey copying Twilight STRAIGHT UP JACKING all THERE $$$ AND MAIN THEME… THIS is basically a case where the CHICK that made 50Shades of Grey just changes the characters names/setting of Twilight &&& incorporates the main theme IN her Lame B00k sharing the same  3love triangle or whatever the hell it is (Never read either or cuz IMA DUDE but it’s still important! and many people do know this!. Or even Like DISNEY THat MADE it ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE 4 other people TO make  movies related to the Stories of DIsney(ALL THAT copy right Bullshit). I say its BullSh#T becus There’s almost an infinite # of ways to create your own fandom/Fanfiction because essentially you become, “god” in a sense( U Best believe thats some power!!! but most of the time they don’t allow you 2do anything without getting sued or whatever) Like you mentioned there’s many different types of Fanfiction like inserting yourself in the story or even parallel universes( that’s just a couple of examples of the DEEP DEPTHS OF THE ENDLESS POSSIBLITIES)  Ur so right, allowing Fanfiction to proceed allows the author to explore how these new characters will be form and how they will, “react, adapt, and even thrive in these new settings."(LIke i Said ur in CONTROL) As much as there is Fanwork there’s is even more distinct authors and writers. I think that’s worth mentioning because like i said everyone has a different mind therefore different ideas and thoughts. We all can agree, "Probably the most prominent common factor among Fanfiction stories is that they most often get started as small projects shared among groups of friend who in return encourage the author and continue writing and sharing it with progressively larger groups of fans.” —- I think, that’s essential for writers to continue what they’re doing4 ME anyways. IF I was a writer doing Fanfiction and all I got was negative comments(Basically EVERYONE talking Shit Telling me to get a life)  and not a single positive comment or vibe (ZERO Thumbs up) that wouldn’t make me feel confident in my work. Although, most of the time I don’t really give a shit what people think about me!  Their thoughts can still effect me to get me 2think Twice. TIME IS EVERYTHING and when i feel like im just wasting my time ill probably just quit on the spot. But when people share things with their friends like you were saying it does make you feel good and want yourself to do more just for the hell of it *when they really like it*. If i was doing Fanfiction the only think that would be ON MY mind that motivates me to STRIVE is my audience and my friends. (THATS ALL) If you enjoy my work ill almost automatically like you( Unless you’re just rude or disrespectful then you can just forget it) BUT HAVINING that connection just makes US feel that much closer because we share a common interest.(&&That’s WHATSup!) THis goes to people that i will meet as a fan and just somebody off the streets or who even took the time to leave any comment on my stuff on the internet THAT I HAVE NEVER met BEFORE. I have no problem when people give criticism because that motivates me to do better and allows me to think on a deeper level.( I AINT on THAT “I LOVE MY HATER” BS EITHER!) BUT If i could make someone just smile once or feel a certain way in my works that would be all the satisfaction i would need and not tryin 2 sound corny either. ONE THING that wouldn’t be on my mind is trying to copy exactly the artist I’m influenced by. THIS would make me a copy cat and unoriginal(GET UR OWN STUFF). Instead id put my focus on character development && story structure (basically just branching off them instead of MIMICING the whole root) THERES NO CREDIT in that regard. To me if you want to make Fanfiction FEEL Free But Like that chick on 50 SHades of Grey that basically made herself RICH 4 THE rest of her life , YEA her, ITS BS SHE can get away with it when there’s so many other writers who are extremely desperate just so that they get their name out (EVEN when they’re BETTER THEN SOME OF THE MOST FAMOUS AUTHORS BUT JUST COMPLETLY UNKNOWN and hidden from the dark it prety jacked up because those are the people who have THE REAL talent and really deserve the money and fame. One lesson that can be learned, DOnt buy cheap rip off books like 50 SHades of Grey SO that CHick kant make a single penny off us!!!!!”

  6. SWA4: A Mass Effect Fandom Commentary

    Fan “Fixes” Mass Effect 3Ending With A 539-Page Rewrite

    All right, this is my commentary on the ending of Mass Effect 3. Here we go.

    So, you didn’t like the end of Mass Effect 3. I get it. You wanted more complexity in terms of the ending, and you wanted to feel like all the decisions you’ve made across all the game added up to one final push against the Reapers. I’m not a game designer, so I don’t pretend to even know how complex it is to design a game. I’m sure there are endless people on the internet who do, so I’m probably speaking out of my league (i.e. ass).

    You put together this giant “DLC” that “fixes” the end of Mass Effect 3, because there were so many people complaining about it. You were so mad that you created a 539 page long and 118,000 word document that adds 10 endings and blah, blah, fucking blah. I couldn’t fucking care less.

    You felt cheated by the decisions your character had to make at the end of the trilogy? I could’ve done with some more complex out comes, and, sure, it would’ve been nice to have it be a little more intricate. But, seriously, you didn’t get any emotional satisfaction out of it? Hell, I did even before the goddamn Extended Cut that Bioware released.

    I’m sure what you came up with in Vindication is great (really? Vindication? Come on, bro). I downloaded the PDF, when I heard it come out. I read some, but reading the countless options for dialogue, scenario, and various other shit was too stuffy. Mass Effect is about the characters. It’s about the experience. If I can’t see them, hear them, fucking breathe them, I do not give a shit.

    Especially, when you’re doing some thing as presumptuous and shitty as “fixing” the ending.

    Do you think you know the characters better than their creators? “I played through the trilogy 9 times…” Shut the fuck up. So did I, and I know for a FACT that the creators at Bioware spent infinitely more time pouring themselves into creating the fucking thing

    The critique culture of the present makes me fucking sick. It really makes me hate the generation I’m in and the advent of the internet. The joke “everyone’s a critic” isn’t a joke anymore. It’s a fact. Many people have flocked to the internet, pouring their opinions (like I am now #irony lolyoloAL;SIDFUPQ0384P;8IGODDAMMIT), and feeling entitled to everything. Not just their opinions, which everyone is actually entitled to, but everything their way.

    Fuck your way. If you really loved the game and loved the creators for making it for you, you would respect their decisions. Plain and simple.

    Speaking of which, a few quotes about your “fan-fix” (trademark Nick Bennett): “The length is a testament to his self-discipline and lack of respect for BioWare’s original script.” Lack of respect… hmm, you don’t respect the fucking script, yet you use the characters and fix them. Fuck you.

    “He does, however, spend a great deal of time deconstructing the game’s ending and rebuilding it in his own vision.” Your own vision. The amount of content you’ve produced is astounding, and you’re focusing it all on something you respect but don’t respect enough to leave alone? WTF? Place your talents and ambitions somewhere else. Create your own world. Your own characters. The presumption of fixing some one else’s work? That’s sloppy and uncool. Dissatisfaction should fuel you to do better. Not to fix.

    Do you think Shepard would complain? Shepard makes a decision and deals with the consequences. It may not be the decision you like or have the outcome you’d want, but it’s about powering through.

    I love the fact that the decisions you make in Mass Effect then go to 2 and then to 3. I love it. But it’s not what the game is about. If you think the game is about decisions leading up to a complex end that can be deconstructed with every tiny decision factoring in to that exact moment, then you’re playing the wrong game.

    I knew from ME1 that it would never get that complex. Do you really think it was all mapped out from the beginning and would be able to factor in, albeit in a major way, to change the end of the game? They had to create a cohesive story. I cannot imagine how long development would’ve taken to emulate the only outcome system complex enough to satiate fans: real life.

    Mass Effect is about what it is to be human and why we are great. We have the power to love. We have the power to unite. We have the power to make great sacrifices. Those around us are what’s most important, and it’s the decisions, good or bad, complex or simple, that all lead to the same outcome: death. The only thing that matters is how we got there.

    Life is too short to “fix” things you love. Go create something amazing.

  7. SWA4: Commentary


    Frankly, Mr. Martin, I get it. I respect your opinion, and god damn did you lay out an interesting argument. It’s hard to argue with what you’ve experienced firsthand: so called “fans” and “writers”, stating that they’ve never heard of you and never read any of your books but will be damned if they have something to say about stifling creativity—I get that. You don’t like fanfiction because you think writers should be respected—if, hey, you want to put your work out for fanfiction use? Go for it, awesome. But if you don’t, that writers wishes should be respected. Frankly, it’s a good point; writer’s wishes should be respected. 

    I have to ask though, Mr. Martin. Why are you a writer? 

    Look, like it or not, we all are thinking, human beings. Writers such as yourself have given us entire worlds to read about, learn about, and enjoy immensely. You give us novels and stories and characters that let us escape from the confines of reality and into the worlds of science fiction, of spaceships and laser beams and romance for introverts. Reading is a cache of unlimited potential, and you are the first step to unlocking it. 

    That being said, why try to push away the free mind? Why subdue the creative mind—the free-thinking mind—to make sure your works are read and interpreted exactly as to how you want them? 

    We. Are. Not. Automatons. If I don’t like a particular character, y’damn right I’m going to envision scenarios concerning him, his intestinal tract, and a trebuchet the size of Manhatten. You’re damn right I’m going to envision snogging the ever-loving crap out of a particular girl that no guy in the book ever seems to notice. What I’m getting at, Mr. Martin, is immersion. 

    Books are not stain-glass windows to be peered through. We do not float high above and witness everything as if it were a movie recording. No. You, as authors, already place the reader amongst the deep forests, within the desert sands, and leave us sputtering in the ocean waves. You inspire fear, happiness, tears, rage, and everything in between. It’s only natural that those emotions and settings get some response! 

    Are there bad seeds out there? You’re damn right. Hell, the bulk of your argument is about those kinds of people: about Marion Zimmer Bradley and how he had to stop an entire book just because a fanfictioner had a similar idea and wanted to exploit royalties and ownership. How the creators of Tarzan were so protective of their rights because of how many spin off shows were created. And frankly, it makes sense. But can you judge an entire tree off of one bad apple? There are billions—let me say this again—BILLIONS of people in this world, and Every-Single-One of them, Mr. Martin, is a fan of something. You could list a hundred examples—a thousand—ten thousand!—and you would not even be able to scratch the surface of honest to god fanfiction writers that just want to put their interpretation of ideas out into the world. 

    Fanfiction is discussion. It is the essence of “what if”, “why”, “how” and “so what.” Do you want to stifle talk about your books, Mr. Martin? “Geroge ran into a tree” is all we may say; asking why, or what, or how, would be a crime, if this were the case! All fanfiction is, is people that want to put their ideas—their interpretations!—out there. And who knows? Some bloke may stumble upon it and think “hey, that sounds cool.” and check you out. Many of us are not here to steal your babies at night. We just want to express our passionite love of your—an author’s—work.

    Look, Mr. Martin. I get you’ve had some bad experiences. But don’t let it be the end-all of people that simply love your work and want to express it in some way. The more you try to stifle our creativity, the more passionate we as fans become to attempt to express it. 

    That’s all there is to it.

  8. SWA4: Fanfic Commentary


    Chaos in General,

    I think your “argument” is so disorganized and contradicting. You complain about The Office fans complaining and then you insert yourself into this “complaining.” You pick out the faults of the fans and the writers of this show, which only makes you sound bitter and more like an anti-fan. 

    You also say that you “understand” that Pam’s selfish reaction to Phyllis’s perfume is a “mockery” but then you go on to say that this show is completely “ridiculous” and that anyone to say otherwise is too stupid and lowly to be argued with. You should know that you are basically calling any and every individual who likes and/or LOVES this show, stupid. You should know that this show IS in fact made to be a mockery and dramatic/satirical portrayal of people we deal with on an every day basis. So what if YOU dislike it, you can’t just discredit any one who likes it.

    Another thing, you take the side of the writers when you try to defend them by saying, “somewhere we’ve bought into this idea that a television show is boring if the main couple is together.” I completely agree with your statement. I feel as though many fans lose interest after their favorite “ship” happens. However, rounding back, you do go on to state that “it’s the fault of the bad writers.” I don’t think that writers necessarily have an impact on the way fans do their business or the way they react. Fans are entitled to react in any way they like, with or without the writers influence.

    You also try to justify your dislike for Michael Scott (which is totally stupid, but to each their own, right?) by saying “but I understand when my complaints are JUST because I don’t particularly like the character.” So for a fan to be able to complain about a character, they have to dislike them? Who are you to stay that that specific guideline must exist for a fan to complain about them? NO person EVER is that significant to dictate how fans must react. Maybe the creator of fandom. Wait, no, not even then. Fandom was created to be an outlet, a discussion between their fellow fans. You, on the other hand, think that there is a way and how and steps to take on how to be a justified complainer. I think you are just a controlling person who thinks that every social mingling of any kind MUST ABSOLUTELY HAVE rules. Sorry to pop your bubble, but that is NOT what needs to happen to fandom. Besides, what’s it to you? You’ve written your blogpost in a way that makes me think that you simply do not like The Office and even fandom in general.

    "For their audience, that growth comes in acknowledging that maybe their favorite characters aren’t as ‘awesome’ as in the fanfiction they write." Do fans really need to grow? Really? As mentioned before, you are trying way to hard to impose your own ideas on how fandom and fans should operate. How does their growth affect you? Why should it? (Well, if you are concerned with world growth, then maybe this might help your cause, and props to you.) But still, their growth, in all truth, shouldn’t bother you that much. And if it does, maybe you should discuss it with those that need  that "growth" rather than generalizing an entire fandom. Oh and another thing, isn’t that the whole point of fan fiction, to improve on the characters? Again, as shown time and again throughout your blogpost, you cannot order all the fans around and make them believe that they shouldn’t improve their favorite characters. And if they should, you believe that it shows a lack of growth. Fans can grow, they can remain as they are, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that fans as a whole or within a fandom keep discussing and making their voice heard. They can bicker and complain all they want…or not, that’s completely up to them.

    Basically, your rant is trying to discredit fans and their reactions to it. You say, “Growing up, something many in fandom would benefit from.” What exactly IS “growing up?” Is it shutting up about your opinion just because it doesn’t align with yours? Because it sure sounds like the point you are trying to get across. So what if fans want to see some characters more than others? They are completely entitled to that. You, however highly you think of yourself, are not the creator/producer/writer of this show, and therefore do not have the right to pounce on and criticize the fans of this show. And even if you were, you are still not entitled to have a say in how fans react. There are no written rules dictating how and when a fan should react. And there shouldn’t be for the rest of our existence. Fans will and should do as fans please, (as pertaining to their reactions to episodes or movies or plot lines.) They are, as you are, entitled to like or dislike a certain character. But when you try to limit the how and the ways in which they respond, you take away the ability to maybe (or not) persuade a fellow fan to like, for example Michael Scott, or vice versa. Maybe you could persuade me to dislike Michael Scott and maybe become friends, but so long as you try to impose all of these limitations on fans’ reactions, that will not likely happen.

  9. Fanfiction Commentary


    This fanfiction article is about whether or not it is wrong to write fanfiction. Catheryne writes that authors are completely against fanfiction. Every couple of years an author comes out and says that they want everyone to stop making fanwork such as the historical romance writer Diana Gabaldon. They completely blow it out of proportion and cannot even have the balls to realize that it is their biggest fans creating the fanwork. The retelling of stories is engrained in our human nature and you can’t stop it!!

    I completely agree with Catherine that authors should not be telling their most loyal f!@#ing fans that what they are doing is wrong and immoral. The authors are just insulting their fans and causes their fanbase to dwindle to the point that no one cares about the original anymore. One point that I completely agree with that Catherine brings up is believing that just because you are a successful writer DOES NOT mean that you can diss on you fans!!!!!! Without fans there is no popularity and without popularity you aren’t making money or keeping up with a status of being a renowned published author.

    George R.R. Martin is also just a big pansy to state that he cried over the fact that fanficcers supposedly “killed Lovecraft.” Also Diane Gabaldon you can just shut up about this nonsense of stopping fanfiction. >:( First of all, Outlander wasn’t even that great in the originality. As what @Benny Gesserit wrote that the book resembles something out of the collection of a “Harlequin Romance/ bodice rippers than serious work.” I think the fans were just helping you out with creating ideas of what you could have done better. So pull out your handkerchief and dry yours and Martin’s tears and appreciate the critiquing!!

    Christine brings up that perhaps it is slash that makes authors uncomfortable with fanfiction. It is that awkward an uncomfortable subject that most people do not like to talk about, but criticize it on a regular basis. Some people can’t even say the word sex. It is sex, S-E-X. It is sex whether it is gay or not it is a part of human nature. Perhaps the idea of butt-sex is too much for you well it’s not for others. A gay male cannot relate to a heterosexual relationship, but create a slash fanfiction and it works for them. This is why fanfiction is created to fill in the gaps of what a fan would like to see. Maybe you would not, but the fans do.

    The whole point of being published is for others to appreciate your work. It is for the beauty of sharing your thoughts and imagination with others. Every thought began with something that sparked your creativity and so spread that imagination with others instead of the constant tirade of copyright lawsuits. Just because you published something does not mean that you are above others. Fans like what you did and have ideas also. Without sharing there is no creativity for the next big thing. Shakespeare created his plays from the ideas of others. Also, the scandalous book 50 Shades of Gray began as a fanfiction of Twilight…TWILIGHT! If they can do it than why can’t others??? Oh wait… it’s because people are just a bunch of meanies who forget about the fact that they originally published their book for others to read and appreciate. Now, it is all about profit and who has the biggest bank account.

    Catherine writes that not every writer is against fanfiction, but mostly only published and well payed authors are. Some authors will never get a fanbase like those who are published much less get someone to actually read their work!! Even to get someone to be as consumed as a fan towards your work is practically impossible with all the work that is being published. If fanwork is created of your work you should feel warm hearted and blessed and not ripping your hair out because someone is using your characters to create their own ideas of what they believe should have happened. Be thrilled NOT disappointed. DO NOT be like the child who is complaining that they didn’t get the latest iPhone yet, there is a kid right next to him who has not had a real meal in a couple days and could never own an iPhone much less a phone in general. There is so much competition and only so many are in the spotlight. Appreciate what you have because it made you who you are today and can easily be stripped away as if it never happened. Having fans shows that you have made it. It is like the mile marker beaming like a beacon screaming to you that you have accomplished something. So take the appreciation and bear with it.

  10. Ethics in Fanfiction


    Yes, I agree that expressing yourself is important and sharing your ideas is a wonderful thing. However, what of the original author? Do they get any say? What if they don’t agree with your interpretation? Should this matter? I feel that fanfiction writers do not fully look at this from the author’s/creator’s viewpoint very often. Though with the Internet, sharing and remaking is a huge, unavoidable thing. But, how would you feel if someone took your ideas, or “baby” if you will, and changed it into something that you may not agree with? Would that still be right?

    Well, writing/creating an original work is something entirely different. It’s sort of like comparing apples with oranges, it just does not make sense. For instance, 50 Shades of Grey is completely a fan fiction based off of the Twilight Series. Stephenie Meyer created this series with her own creative mind (if that is what you would call it…) However, she has been interviewed several times about this fan fiction that has made a huge impact on women and said that she would never read the book since it is too smutty and distasteful. Even if it is something based off of your ideas, these branches from your work could be entirely against what you believe and could be, in fact, mocking your work/idea. How could that be inspiring at all? To be critiqued and then discover that they make a huge profit from your work? But, did you not just say that fan fiction should be accepted no matter what? Does this not set you back by saying that a fan fiction should not have been created just because you do not like it? How does that make it any different from what I am trying to allude to?

    Also, at what point should copyright be considered?

    Alright. Well, copyright laws are not specific in terms of fan fiction. Anything goes and if Stephenie Meyer wanted to sue E.L. James for this, she could. The favor is in the author/creator at this point. Does this make it wrong for the creator to sue their fans for creating something they may not like? Possibly.

    Yes, most authors do allow their fans to do what they wish with their works. But, lets switch the topic to those who do not. Would it then be ethical to not allow fans to create their own interpretations of the original text? If it is ethical for fans to be able to alter the original idea of the author, whether it is legal or not, then would this be considered alright? Put all legal issues aside and focus solely on the ethics.

     I feel that the Internet also plays a large role in this. The Internet allows anyone to post just about anything onto certain websites that have no problem with things of this sort, but what happens when these sites are regulated by an angry author or movie maker? They track down these fan fiction writers and sue them for everything they have unless they take down their works and cease making them. Is it right?

    So then, in this aspect, it would make nothing original art. Since everything derived from something else, there is no need for a sort of barrier between these two entities that somehow exist and create much conflict if taken in that direction. Your opinion is that fan and original artists should coexist. But, someone always has to take the credit no matter what. Even with the Twilight Series, there were vampire love stories before this, but you do not see Stephenie Meyer referencing the people who had those ideas. Instead, she takes them as her own and publishes them to make money. In this world, laws do not matter unless you are reprimanded. Whether something is copyrighted or not, there will always be those who have the means to share their ideas whether they are original or not. Copyright laws are merely there to protect the author, yes. But, in a world with the Internet, why should this still matter? These laws cannot be regulated as well as you may think. Just like you said, there are millions of people on this planet and it would be impossible to make sure all of them are doing what they are supposed to be doing. So, why should these barriers even exist? Watching what you have to say in order to obey the law takes away this creativity and uniqueness, does it not? You cannot be yourself with a ton of rules and regulations in place. There is no way it could fully be from that person with these laws in place. So, with that said, it may not even be ethical to have these laws in place in order to allow those people freedom.

  11. Commentary: Courtney Stodden Fandom



    I appreciate that you all are pointing out the causes of the female exploitation case that is Courtney Stodden. I believe it is extremely valuable for young women who idolize Courtney in any way to realize that the dangers lurk early in youth-that the over-sexualization and objectification of women in American society is overwhelming. Young girls look to this newly famous celebrity and become her fans and followers. Because Courtney married a man that was thirty-five years her senior with a full career and celebrity lifestyle, young women see glamour and titillation to be the prize of womanhood. This simply cannot continue. We can blame the parents, we can blame her, but honestly, we should blame the media for its exacerbation of the gender divide in American culture. We all contribute to it as consumers, whether it is through the purchasing of songs, magazines, adult films, or any other form of consumption. The proliferation of discriminating and degrading lyrics in popular music, the obsession with beauty, sex, and greed for money affects all ethnicities, ages, and tiers of the socioeconomic ladder. Girls are exposed to adult themes and objectification at younger and younger ages every generation. This is so detrimental to the youth of our society because these children do not know who they are yet and are vulnerable and easily persuaded. You are right that everything in the media gives young girls the impression that beauty and sex appeal should be their sole ambitions. The blame certainly falls back on the parents for allowing a young girl to dress and behave so promiscuously. That is a crying shame of course for parenthood, but even more disheartening is the attention Courtney receives from the media that sucked her into the trap she is in. It is understood that Courtney first learned and admired the celebrities, fame, and their lifestyles through the same media influences she has long since admired. These same media influences taught her how to dress and behave. And these same media influences have made her famous. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t approve of its own creation. Courtney is the perfect spawn of media impact in young girls’ lives and now it has turned against her. Although the media sells sex, they make fun of her for her high sex drive. The media pushes for youth, but exploits her marriage to a fifty-one year old Hollywood celebrity. And although the media pushes beauty and perfection, they ruthlessly degrade Courtney for her implants, lip injections, skimpy clothes, and hair extensions. It almost seems not to make any sense that the very thing that endorses everything she has become has completely abandoned her. Mommyish.com, although I appreciate your post and the fact that you have published it under “childrearing,” I wonder what you were trying to accomplish besides expressing your opinion on the causes of her fall from grace. How should parents talk to their children through issues of sexuality, pornography, and the material culture? How do they even broach the subject and facilitate healthy communications? I would have enjoyed the insight from that point of view, rather than being told what not to do. I agree that this young girl is being exploited and the causes stem from her childhood rearing, but how are you all making the situation better? You publish an article about an over-sexualized teenager and say that the media exploitation is wrong but isn’t that what you all are doing? You are simply drawing more attention to her case through your particular social medium. I mean not to bash you or undermine the efforts to educate causality, but simply to cause you all to internalize the impact you might be having. Her fame does not help the girls who are devoted Courtney Stodden fans because the more famous she becomes, the more idolized and accepted her behaviors will be. Courtney has bought into the massive gender divide that women particularly in the twentieth century embodied. (Which is the ideal woman figure that stayed at home and took care of her husband.) One can find on Courtney’s YouTube channel, videos of baking in seven-inch heels and a strappy bikini. These themes, as you’ve said in regards to being desirable to men, are exacerbating everything that would make women be seen as toys, trophies, and beautiful slaves. Does education not matter? Is there anything deeper than the surface level available? My problem with this is not in the way she carries herself at all. Of course it is sad and disheartening but the true conflict arises from the fact that so many young girls will see. So many boys will lust. So many years of women fighting to become equal in the law, at home, and in society are backtracking in cases like these. And it all comes down to respect and feminism: the social, political, and economic belief of the equality of the sexes. 


  12. http://gamingzoneblog.msn.com/uk/print.aspx?post=1caef281-81c9-4f03-a317-d079ec4fed54 Some see Dark Souls as the saviour of the games industry – a beacon of light for “hardcore” gamers. I see it as stupid. Dark Souls is, at the very least, a critical hit already. The spiritual sequel of last year’s excruciatingly hard Japanese role-playing game Demon’s Souls is so tough, even its URL taunts you the official Dark Souls site is at preparetodie.com! Still, a Metacritic score currently running at 89 means games journalists love it. But not me. Here’s why I think not only is it a terrible idea for a game, but I think it’s potentially damaging to the games industry… 1. Blind alley To its credit, Dark Souls and its predecessor Demon’s Souls never trick you – if you fail in these games, it’s simply because you weren’t good enough at them. There’s nothing dishonest with that. But their popularity critically (and it’s looking like this time at least, sales will follow) risks leading game designers down a blind alley – imagine the me-too idiot brigade that makes up most game design all now competing to make games less user-friendly rather than more, more unforgiving, more just for the “hardcore” gamer.. 2. Revenge of the nerds Its existence, the adulation given to it and its likely copycats all point to a rump of “hardcore” gamers that apparently don’t like that games are now an utterly mainstream media choice. We all play games now (or at least 82 per cent of those aged 8-65 and on the Internet, according Internet Advertising Bureau report on “Gaming Britain”). Not happy about having to share what was once a minority hobby, the hardcore have retreated to games as impenetrable and old-school in approach as possible. Dark Souls is the uber-nerd game du jour. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with games that are tough – that challenge players. And there’s nothing wrong with a game that is aimed squarely at a niche audience. But the risk with Dark Souls is that it acts as a standard-bearer for a retreat from the mainstream. It’s a “proper” game for “proper” gamers. Nick Parker, respected industry analyst, writing in the comments section of an MCV piece on Dark Souls says: “the market is becoming only hardcore. With a few exceptions, the top sellers are targeting core gamers, primarily but not exclusively older males. Teenagers, who used to buy five console games a year, are now quite happy to focus on one or two such as perennials like COD and FIFA as they turn to cheaper or free online distractions such as social networks, Youtube, MSN and movies/music.” In other words, games may be incredibly successful and ubiquitous – but a new generation of gamers (and the vast majority of female gamers) play games on social networks or their phones. They don’t need to or want to buy lots of console games. So, with Dark Souls as the vanguard, perhaps we face a future where big console and PC titles look increasingly geeky and niche, where graded scales of difficulty are ditched in favour of prepare-to-die toughness, where we give up chasing mainstream gamers with big games titles (and the social and mobile developers take over that audience entirely). 3. The challenge is to make me feel good There are no difficulty settings in Dark Souls. You win or you don’t. Which goes against the way games have been heading to in single-player mode for years. And is daft. Why can’t Dark Souls offer every player a challenge – but based on their level? I would be very up for an experience that challenges me. But as an old git with kids and a busy life, I’m not up for repeating the same boss battle 257 times just to move on to the next bit of a world. So maybe I don’t want the same challenge as a pro gamer, or a hardcore role-playing fiend who plays 40 hours a week. But heck, that doesn’t mean I want to miss out on the game. Nor should companies be interested in limiting their audience. Why shouldn’t grannies and mums play Dark Souls? For a long time now games companies have been capable of adapting games to gamers – but largely they don’t. Why not? We all should feel like heroes in videogames, rather than abject failures. The scale and speed in which we triumph can vary from game to game. But the idea that some people will get one hour into a game like Dark Souls and not be able to progress – simply not have the ability – is insane. 4. The world is not a cheat sheet Dark Soul’s answer to its one-size-doesn’t-fit-all difficulty? Hints and tips left by other players scattered through the world. But heck, the constant game guidification of gaming already is idiotic. I should never encounter in a game a point that utterly stops me, that I can’t beat with a bit of effort or thought. Nowadays though, with walkthroughs online often before a game releases, there’s increasingly also always the temptation to duck even the mildest challenge. Dark Souls’ social network cheat sheet is ingenious – but it ultimately points out the flaw in the game’s design. It should not need one. And the last thing we need to do for people is design an incredibly tough game, then give them a hints and tips book. 5. Difficulty does not equal intensity The excellent Keza Macdonald of IGN, speaking to MCV calls Dark Souls: “the most intense gaming experience there is.” I think she is wrong. I spent significant parts of my youth playing incredibly tough games. I’ve fought that boss battle 257 times. That’s not intense – at the end, it’s nothing but learning by trial-and-error. Don’t mistake Dark Soul’s wilful difficulty for intensity or challenge – that’s its cruellest trick. It is an artificial waste of your life. Unless you genuinely are a masochist. In which case, I suggest there are better ways of getting your kicks. Sure, you’ll get a thrill when you finally beat the boss. But was that really worth the time put in? Or was it a big con? Great games deliver intensivity through immersion, the moment, the thrill – but you can find that with games that challenge you just enough. The extra 3000 per cent of effort to get through Dark Souls does not equal 3000 per cent improved reward in enjoyment. And for most of us, life’s too short… NB: I have not played Dark Souls. After my dismal review of Demon’s Souls, I suspect the publisher didn’t want to send me a copy. Having read all the reviews of Dark Souls, I’m fairly happy not to play it. Good luck to those of you who are playing it – feel free to let me know how much you love it in the comments section… My Response: I find it hard to believe that this is how Dark Souls will affect the gaming industry. Dark Souls is considered the standard for hardcore gamers, but is not even close to generating the same amount of money as the mainstream games such as COD or FIFA. Contrary to your thoughts on Dark Souls effect on the gaming industry, I think that the mainstream games are the one’s that are ruining the industry. Multiple well known titles are changing what made them popular so that they can become the next Call of Duty. Since Call of Duty is one of the best-selling games and other games are trying to copy their success, the industry is already doing what you feared. It is funny that you think that because a game is doing something original, that it is going to destroy the originality in the gaming industry and become the next COD. Many people are sick of the same game with just a different title posted on it. A “just for the ‘hardcore’ gamer…” game is something that should be encouraged, not opposed. This article doesn’t seem well thought out since you contradict yourself when you said that it’s fine if a game wants to target a certain audience, but then say it should be dumbed down so that more people can play it. Dark Souls niche audience are those who don’t want a game difficulty option. The game is easy enough with the option to summon someone to help defeat a boss or area, who probably already knows how to beat the boss, where items and secret doors are, and is probably on a ng+ game or higher. The game became as big as it is because it doesn’t have a difficulty, and that is part of the game design. So if you don’t want the same challenges as a pro gamer, then maybe you shouldn’t play Dark Souls. If the developers listened to people like you, then Dark Souls or Demons Souls wouldn’t be as successful as it is. The developers made the game that they wanted to make, and if you don’t like it then you don’t have to play it. Though I agree that guides for games can defeat the purpose of playing the game yourself, it is nothing knew and Dark Souls was not the first to make use of them. You as a gamer have the choice whether or not you will use them. So listing that as a reason as to why you dislike Dark Souls is a stupid one. Since this is your reasoning as to why you dislike the game, and your opinion on what makes a game intense, it isn’t wrong. But for me, since the game is so hard, when you are fighting a boss for the 257th time and are about to lose, it can be a bit intense. Especially if you end up losing, you have to fight your way back to the boss and risk the chance of using an estus flask or two. At the end of all your reasons as to why you dislike the game, you say that you haven’t even played it. So you are judging a game of which you know nothing about. Plus these weren’t really specific to this game in particular, but rather games in general. If you honestly think that because a game wasn’t made specifically to your tastes that it is bad, then maybe this hobby isn’t for you. This was obviously biased, and is stated as so at the end. I do like that you are open to hear as to why other people may disagree, and why they like the game.

  13. Feminism


    I disagree with the view that frozen is a feminist movie. I was surprised and shocked and honestly a bit worried to find an article about frozen beng feminist on a website called feminspire. If this is what the culture considers feminist then I feel very sorry for it. You argue that this is a movie about true sisterly love. But hroughout the whole movie the sisters hardly ever see each other or talk to each other at all. They don’t even know each other. How can you really love someone you hardly know. I understand there is a bond there of course there’s a bond but in all those years that the sisters didn’t see each other I’m such each of them grew and changed and now they’re different. Besides in the movie once Elsa runs away from the castle after all that craziness goes down Anna spends time with cristoph. I’m sure that if someone were to look at how long Anna spends alone with men or pinning over men as opposed to spending time or thinking about her sister, the men would overrule everything else. Anna is just as focused on men as any other princess frozen movies have been compared to. I’ll give credit to the fact that Elsa is absolutely not preoccupied with me, she is actually quite uninterested in men. But there arises a whole new problem. Elsa is not only removed from men but also removed from everyone else, her mom, dad, sister and even herself. How is this a good feminist message? She was told to not be herself and this lost herself in the process. Personally I think this is a horrible message to send. And the fact that her parents encouraged and allowed it. The troll did not tell her parents that she needed to stop her powers all together but just that she needed to learn to control them and instead they suppressed her which just let to her being nervous and manic and removed. And don’t get me started on Anna. She so timid and unsure of herself in the beginning of the movie. And all she wants is love and acceptance. First she immediately wants it from Hans but then she also wants it from Elsa, which is more acceptable but it’s still not a very feminist in my mind because feminism should be about being yourself not wanting the approval of someone else. Now although it’s been argued repeatedly and you mention that there is no Prince Charming there is Hans and there is christoph so there are two prince charmings. One becomes the villain in the end though but despite that Anna still turns to Hans when’s he is dying and needs to be saved and when Hans turns out to be evil and try to kill not only her but also her sister. When this happens what does Anna do but turn around to the next guy in line christoph. How the fuck is that feminist at all?!?!?!? “Oh no, Hans didn’t work out I guess I’ll just try out christoph instead” That’s both wrong and fucked up. Granted at the last minute Anna chooses to save her sister from Hans killing her, but that is only at the very last minute. In addition to that this is like the only sisterly moment they have in the whole movie. That’s Your best topic that you use as support for your argument and it’s not even a good support. There is one other moment I can think of where you see a bond (other than when they are children) and that’s at the party when they both smell none other than *drumroll please* “chocolate” which is just a horrible stereotype of women in general especially when we’re on our period, men assume we need it when we’re on our period or that when we want it we’re on our period. It’s a horrible stereotype and far from feminist, feminism is about breaking stereotypes not perpetuating them. Also Anna as a princess isn’t much different from any other princess, btw who wears a dress as they’re trekking through the snow in a blizzard. Only a princess. Yes Elsa is a queen and that’s great especially because she is not married as it wasn’t like a typical monarchy where in order to take over a kingdom the woman must marry but I want a princess to wear some pants for once in a practical situation where pants are needed. I agree we need a princess of color and a curvy bodacious princess but I absolutely disagree with you that this movie was a great improvement for the portrayal of women. I think Mulan and Brave did a better job of that than Frozen, so why all the hype?

  14. 19:43

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    To the Writers within the “Fanfiction” Posting on Uncyclopedia,

          I would like to say Congrats.  Your condescendingly cruel words and blatantly homophobic undertones have effectively qualified you as one of the most heartless groups of people I have encountered yet.  Funny thing about fanfic and fandom; it’s often very misunderstood.  More interesting is the fact that your “anti-fanfic” behavior and your dedication and true devotion to ripping its authors apart have qualified you as part of its fandom.  So, congrats on that too, you are an official, what was the word you used… Oh yes, “fantard” of the “crap fest” known as fan fiction (although I have to say that your data is a bit skewed and in obvious lack of research) but for the sake of the terribly ignorant nature of this excerpt, we’ll just call it an opinion piece. 

         I gathered from your insightful input that you think that fanfiction is unimaginative, lazy and uncreative.  What was it you said?  Oh yes… “It immediately makes you look like a loser at life”.  Your fantastically descriptive words to describe these fanfiction authors such as “cancerous tumors”, “gay furies”, “lowly internet scum”, and “bronies” have made clear your disdain for the fanfiction genre.  It is quite obvious that they failed to see the memo entailing that the entire world evolved around you.  How selfish of them to write about their desires and spend a great deal of time and effort being imaginative and creative in their own way.  These authors are not simply retelling an existing story, but rather, reinventing it in new ways that they find delight in.  And yes, some of the ideas are redundant.  That’s because as humans, we tend to interact with each other.  We get ideas from things that we see and do and amazingly, sometimes multiple humans out of the billions existing here on earth get the same idea.  I realize this must come as a great surprise to you but even your sadistically vulgar excerpt on fanfiction as the bane of writing has been done, redone, and done again.  People who delight in making fun of others to make themselves feel better is not a new concept either.  I think the modern term for this notion is called bullying but let’s press onward.

         I was most taken by your notion regarding the young women that write fanfiction.  While it’s true that the vast majority of fanfiction writers are indeed female, your notion of “16 year old girls being the most putrid spewers of all low quality fanfiction” is a bit unfounded.  These authors take many forms.  Nearly anyone who takes about 5 minutes of initiative to research this will quickly realize that there are many published, professional authors who write fanfiction.  You describe these young women as being “the lowest tier of the Internet food chain” and “desperate of finding a method to increase their self ego.”    While the notion of teenaged children of any gender lacking self confidence is valid, I’m certain that it’s in no way jeopardized by your blatantly hateful attacks on their writing.  Some of these teenaged writers are, after all children.  They are developing their skills as young writers. The chances that they came into this world as literary savants are probably relatively low.  After all, not everyone can write in such an amazingly insightful and impacting manner as you.  Do you suppose that the famous J.K. Rowling who you called a” normal person” has only written brilliantly clever pieces?  Is it possible that if Internet fanfiction existed when she was developing as a writer that she may have participated as a way to develop her skills in writing?  But perhaps you’re right.  These “cancerous tumors” shouldn’t be allowed to practice their skills in writing by posting to a FREE and PUBLIC space because it offends your tastes.  Just a bit of advice though, if you don’t like having your personal tastes offended while in public places, you should definitely avoid going to Wal-Mart.

         The real issue here needing to be addressed is perhaps your outlook on the world in general.  If the notion of homosexuality offends you, perhaps you should consider seeing a professional about it.  Because this world does not evolve around you, the notion of same sexed couples being accepted into society will only continue to grow as people become more aware of just how ignorant and prejudiced we have been in generations past.  Moreover, if the idea of what you consider subpar writing offends you so deeply, then why do you spend so much time on fanfiction websites reading through all of this?  Maybe you should consider taking up a different hobby such as gardening or hiking.  Bear in mind that these authors, regardless of age or gender have just as much right to post their hard work and ideas as you do to compose slanderous smut.  I truly hope that at some point you will see the bigger picture here in regards to the art involved with writing fanfiction and here’s hoping I don’t see you on the evening news.



    Laura Douglas

  15. I do not agree with your idea of making Detective Olivia Benson and Detective Amanda Rollins lesbians.  Just because they are strong female characters does not automatically make them attracted to one another.  Throughout the fifteen seasons of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, we have seen Olivia Benson with a number of men.  Olivia has had some bad luck with men, therefore she has not settled down with anyone.  In season fourteen, we also see Detective Rollins with a man of interest.  Although you do have a point when you say, “the thought of settling down with someone sickens you.”  I think both Olivia and Amanda have this feeling of fear on devoting themselves and settling down with someone.  They are both such strong female characters who do not need men to make them happy.  But then again, I find this as an excuse to why you chose them to be attracted to one another.  I think that the reason they have not settled down with anyone is because they have not found the right person.

    Olivia and Amanda have never shown any interest in one another or any other woman.  Both detectives have been victims in relationships that have gone wrong, and have witnessed bad relationships from their investigations.  They are both guarded.  This makes them a perfect target for you to write a slash fanfiction on them, however I do not agree.  I have seen every episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and when Olivia and Amanda are in relationships with men it is genuine.  When Amanda first joined the force in the first episode of the thirteenth season Olivia did not like her right off the bat.  I think Olivia was used to being the only girl on the force and did not want some new little blonde to come in out of nowhere.  There was immediate tension between the two and it was not because they were attracted to each other.  It was because that had been Olivia’s territory for twelve years and she was not going to give it up to some new girl who did not work her way up.   

    I do not agree with you using the excuse “broken.”  Yes, they may be broken, however that does not make them resort to each other.  They have never shown interest in each other, so how could Amanda be Olivia’s “heart.”  Olivia does not love Amanda and Amanda does not love Olivia.  In order to have written a love interest fanfiction on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, you should have chosen an obvious pair who have interest in one another, for example, Detective Odafin Tutuola and Amanda.  They are partners and share a strong bond due to all the time they spend together.  Even Olivia and Detective Nick Amaro would have been a better match for that same reason.  There is just no connection between Detective Olivia Benson and Detective Amanda Rollins and there never will be.

    In your fanfiction, you mention that Amanda admires Olivia and Olivia is aware of it.  Amanda would never show that she admired Olivia because she felt the tension between them.  I do not believe that Amanda and Olivia are soul mates, they met because Amanda transferred to the special victims unit in New York City after her time in Florida.  Not because her and Olivia were destined to meet and be together.  You made Amanda come off as sort of creepy, almost like she was Olivia’s stalker.  The creepy part is when you stated that Amanda wanted to know more about Olivia, that she would study some of her past cases.  Amanda was not sent to Olivia to fill the empty spaces in her life. 

    Olivia is now the Capitan of the squad, so that would be completely inappropriate for them to have any sexual relations with one another.  Even if Olivia was not Capitan it would still be inappropriate to have relations.  That is one major reason Elliot (Olivia’s ex-partner) and Olivia had to request for new partners because they were getting too attached and it was affecting the job.  With that type of work, it is extremely important to know that you are working for justice for the victim and feelings cannot get in the way of that.  Technically they are not partners, but it is for the best not to get involved with co-workers from the precinct. 

    Overall, I thought you did a good job relating your fan-work to the show, however it was not practical at all.  Like I said from the beginning, Olivia and Amanda have no connection and would not get into an intimate relationship.  Based on Olivia’s character from the show, she is not interested in women and neither is Amanda.  They have both had relationships with men and were happy while they lasted.  Being attracted to one another should have never been an option.